Supported gateways and devices list

Energy Hub is an energy information system. It aggregates and analyzes energy system data from monitoring devices that monitor the loads and energy supplies. These monitoring devices are installed locally in your facility. Monitoring devices can be discrete devices, such as power meters, or they can be embedded in equipment, for example, in protection relays or circuit breakers. The energy system data from the monitoring devices is sent to Energy Hub through communication gateways.

The following shows the communication gateways and monitoring device types that are supported by Energy Hub.

Supported communication gateways:

  • EcoStruxure Panel Server Entry (PAS400)
  • EcoStruxure Panel Server Universal (PAS600)
  • EcoStruxure Panel Server Advanced (PAS800)
  • EcoStruxure Site Server

Supported monitoring device types (overview):

Category Device types PAS400 PAS600/800 Site Server
Wireless energy sensors (*) PowerTag Energy (M63, P63, F63, F160, M250, M630)
(Firmware versions: 003.000.388 and later; older versions are not supported)
PowerTag Energy Rope (200, 600, 1000, 2000)
PowerLogic Tag (QO, E-Frame)
PowerLogic Tag Rope (120, 600, 1000, 2000)
Environmental sensors (*) PowerLogic HeatTag
Energy meters EasyLogic series (Hexa, EM1xxx,2xxx, DM6xxx, PM1xxxH, PM2xxx, ...) -
PowerLogic EM64xx (EM64xxH, EM6400NG) -
PowerLogic 3500 series (3550, 3555) -
Acti-9 iEM series (2xxx, 3xxx) -
Dual-source energy meters CONZERV EM6438H -
EasyLogic PM1130H -
Embedded metering Micrologic X (MTZ) -
Micrologic P, H -
Micrologic E, A -
Power meters PowerLogic PM3000 series (3200, 3210, 3250, 3255) -
PowerLogic PM5000 series (5110, 5310, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5350, 5360, 5560, 5563) -
PowerLogic EM7200 series (7230, 7280, 7290) -
PowerLogic PM8000 series (8210, 8213, 8214, 8240, 8243, 8244) -
PowerLogic ION9000 series - -
Legacy Powerlogic (PM2xx/6xx/7xx/8xx, CM2xxx/3xxx/4xxx, ION7xxx) -
Branch circuit meters PowerLogic HDPM6000 - -
PowerLogic BCPM - -
PowerLogic EM4xxx series (4200, 4900) - -
Non-Schneider devices Water and gas meters (pulse count through digital inputs on Acti 9 Smartlink gateway) - -
Power and energy meters with custom model using EPC Web - -

(*) You can connect wireless energy sensors directly to Panel Server. To connect these sensors to Site Server, connect them to Panel Server and then connect Panel Server to Site Server.